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John is a seasoned leader with over 25 years of experience in leadership, business, people development, and entrepreneurship. From his early days as a submariner in the U.S. Navy to his unconventional journey in the dental industry, John’s diverse experiences have shaped his unique perspective.

In his 20th year in the dental field, John’s journey began at Brasseler USA, where he not only sold dental products nationwide but also played key roles in recruiting, training, and leading dental sales professionals. His dedication to human achievement and passion for success led him to spend significant time in dental practices across the U.S., collaborating with professionals on communication, treatment planning, and data-driven decision-making.

A true entrepreneur, John co-founded CE Exchange, a Dental Continuing Education Management company. Partnered with the American Association of Dental Boards, CE Exchange has become a gold standard in CE accreditation for the dental industry.

In 2019, John founded John Stamper Media, a company specializing in crafting conversational video content. With over 1500 interviews of dental professionals on his podcasts, 100+ live & virtual events, and millions of views and downloads, he’s made a significant mark in the media landscape. His “Marketing Through Conversations Method” empowers businesses to establish credibility, build awareness, and generate leads.

Beyond his professional pursuits, John, under the alias DJ IV, is known for bringing the house down in his spare time. Happily married to his wife Hilary, he’s also a proud father of six.

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We Have To Stand for Something Or We Will Fall For Everything

Here Are 3 Of My Core Beliefs

Belief #1
I beileve that most small to midsized companies are not creating enough content and are missing out on the potential of increased organic reach
Belief #2
I believe that in the next 6-12 months, most content on social media will be AI generated and look pretty much the same. It is going to be more and more difficult to stand out and most brands are going to get lost in the mix.
Belief #3
I believe that one of your main goals as a brand should be to create an environment in the digital space where people want to come back to listen to you.
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