Episode 2

Dr. Amreesh Khanna
Founder & CEO-OraQ AI

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My conversation with Dr. Amreesh Khanna, Dentist & Founder & CEO of OraQ AI. Join me as he shares his very inspirational story….from the drill to the keyboard!

My conversation with Dr. Amreesh Khanna, a practicing dentist, turned entrepreneur.

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Learn More About Amreesh:

Dr. Amreesh Khanna is a dentist, entrepreneur and educator living in Calgary, Canada. He has been in clinical practice for over 13 years after graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta and completing a General Practice Residency at the Montefiore Medical Centre/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NYC, USA. As a clinician, his practice is largely focused on complex comprehensive care patients with providing evidence based progressive, preventative and integrative dental health solutions. He provides care to patients requiring comprehensive and wholistic treatment planning, through occlusal analysis and management of TMD and its link to Obstructive Sleep Apnea, rehabilitation of the oral cavity with cutting edge oral surgical and periodontal surgical procedures including hard and soft tissue grafting with the use of growth factors to aid in healing and integration, implant treatment and providing treatment to patients under IV Conscious Sedation.

He has made it his priority to live his “why”’: making a lasting impact on others by living his values of Inspire-Influence- Educate.

Community contribution has always been at the core of these values for Amreesh from founding the SHINE Dental Clinic in Edmonton in 2004 to serve inner city underprivileged youth continuing in its 16th year providing over $100k of free treatment to those in need annually. Further, he has served on the board of the Alberta Dental Society of Anesthesiology (AbDSA) as a founding member, and now outgoing President for the past 10 years to provide advocacy with regulatory bodies and education for the safe access of care to those patients requiring dental treatment under IV Conscious Sedation.

Resiliency is a key defining quality of Amreesh that has forged him to be who he is today. From implementing and executing modalities of care that were not offered at the time to 4 large practices upon his graduation, to loosing his first dental practice to the Calgary flood in 2013, having to re-build and re-create the vision to push his practice to success thereafter and now faced with the COVID-19 pandemic closure of his business. He has made it his mission to turn this second closure into an opportunity to learn, give back and make this a better world to live in all around with what will be our “new normal” thru various community and industry initiatives.